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Winter Engagement Photos: Brianna + Erik

May 25, 2024

Walk in to this wonderland and experience Brianna and Erik’s winter engagement photos. To say they were a fun couple wouldn’t do them justice. They were playful even before I could set my bag down and give them an overview of what to expect. I loved it! We had tried several times to schedule their session around Erik’s first responder shifts and find some good snow. They WANTED snow and are hoping their wedding day next March provides the same. It was perfection!

After meeting at Denver Firefighters Museum by some nudging from mutual friends, Erik planned their first date- climbing a 14er! It did not go well. But after some convincing and apologizing, Brianna agreed to a less intense second date. Since then, they’ve developed their relationship and meshed their lives together. He works in a department in the Denver metro area and tutors kids on his off days. She loves animals and works in a vet clinic. They want an intimate, white wedding in the heart of a Colorado snow. These winter engagement photos were a perfect match for their aesthetic.


Colorado has some of the best weather of any state, even in winter, but there are a few things that will make your experience exceptional.
Plan to get wet. The snow will get those pant legs wet in a hurry and if you feel like throwing a snowball or two, count on needing to dry out. Bringing 2-3 outfits can help so much! Make sure your footwear is also designed for the elements. Sorel has really cute options for boots.
Dress in layers. Though the images show how much snow had fallen, I was SWEATING when the sun came out and ripping off my outerwear. Likewise, make sure you have something warm if that sun dips behind clouds and the wind picks up. It can go either way very quickly. I don’t mind stacking a coat or gloves on top of my camera bag if you need. We can do warm-ups in between.
Bring water. Always a good reminder even though we know this. At higher elevations and with your body trying to warm itself, it’s easy to lose critical hydration. The last thing you want is to feel like ick!
Channel your inner child. The biggest thing that made this session such a blast was the way they played. And the portraits were incredible because of it. Don’t be afraid to make snow angels or run around. It’s so cute!


“We each get three things for the wedding and I said I want Brittany.” – Brianna

I would love to hear your love story! I’m a people-first photographer based in Denver and I love being able to offer incredible experiences to my couples. Click the link below to see what I offer, meet my family, and find out if we’re a good fit!


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