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Find Your Ideal Wedding Photographer With These 5 Uncommon Questions

December 31, 2022

It goes without saying that finding a wedding photographer who matches the style you’re looking for and who is available on your date is key to hiring them. However just as there is a person for everyone, there’s a photographer for everyone too. Keep reading to find out 5 uncommon but brilliant questions to ask when hiring your ideal wedding photographer.

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what do you love about being a wedding photographer?

This question gives you a chance to learn the why behind the what of a photographer’s brand and business. There may be nothing quite as telling as someone who can explain their passion for what they do. And the answers will likely lead you to someone who has a lot in common with you. They might love being outdoors and hiking to remote ceremony sites on 14ers, or the thrill of traveling to new places and exotic beaches. Maybe they value people first and the relationships they develop with clients. They may be passionate about a certain part of the wedding day and what it means to their couples, or serving unconventional client requests. Whatever the answer you can be sure to gain a lot of insight into the type of photographer you’re interviewing.

how I answer:

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved stories. I also love human connection so photography gives me the opportunity to put the two together. The sweet spot for me is getting to know you and being able to capture all your big and intimate moments so you can cherish them for years. What I love more than anything about my job is the people I get to meet and the beauty I can document along the way.

What sets you apart?

Admittedly in a world of thousands of photographers of varying styles, what would make any photographer better than the next? A lot actually and asking a question like this will allow you to know if the person you are considering is your kind of people. There are many things that make photographers unique and it isn’t always what you see in images. It’s often more to do with how well they relate, the kind of experience they provide, and the specific set of skills they bring to the table. The way someone answers this question will absolutely lead you to your ideal wedding photographer and a great working relationship.

how i answer:

As an empath I listen well and easily read situations which allows me to meet the needs of my clients even on a busy wedding day. I also have an acute attention to detail as well as a strategic mind. This helps me to navigate solutions when circumstances change or problems arise unexpectedly.

what’s your top priority on a wedding day?

There are schedules to keep and portraits to take and a whole lotta people. Knowing what your photographer holds as a top priority will give you a lot of insight about what to expect. Not only asking this question but also collaborating on what your top priorities will be is incredibly important to a more enjoyable experience.

how i answer:

YOU, and great light. I always send out a questionnaire and take your top priorities as my own when creating a timeline. What matters to you matters to me. Beyond that, great light is high on the list for getting really flattering portraits and I often scope out locations for this above all else.

How do you handle difficult guests or bridal party?

We all know them. That one bridesmaid who loves drama or the distant cousin who decides to get drunker than a skunk and hit on the light pole. It happens, and most of the time it’s absolutely manageable. Knowing how a photographer would handle an unruly relative or some tension can be a huge support. Not that your photographer will be the go-between but when taking family portraits or reception photos it can be a little extra work to get everyone enjoying things. Having a vendor who has your back might be at the top of your list for an ideal wedding photographer. It can definitely ease stress.

how i answer:

Staying upbeat and being able to take charge of the energy during portraits goes a long way to making everyone feel comfortable. Usually redirecting in a positive way brings about some fun expression. While there’s no avoiding certain tensions or behaviors, most minor incidences are easily rerouted during portraits. I’ve definitely been hit on during the reception but smiling and moving on to another part of the room often sends the hint. I would never escalate a situation but rather I would try to dissipate any issues directly related to me.

What is one of your weaknesses as a photographer?

Well none of us like to admit we’re not perfect but alas, we are not. And no photographer is either. We all have areas for improvement and a photographer who is willing to let you in on one of their weaknesses is offering a true gift. It does not mean they are not great at what they do, it simply means they may have something they’d like to still get better at. Now if they say they struggle to get tack-sharp images consistently, you may want to keep looking around.

how i answer:

Only using my favorite lens. I have a go-to lens that creates a shallow depth of field so you pop and the background just kinda melts. I love it and I’ll go through a whole session realizing I never took it off. Which really isn’t a big deal because I’m able to get a huge variety even with one lens. But I could create some different depth of field for a different look if I changed the lenses more often. Or maybe I pull back farther but still use my favorite {wink wink}.

I hope you’ll add these 5 uncommon questions to your list when searching for that ideal wedding photographer. You will love having vendors who make the day less stressful!

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